Mandy Morbid Makes All Your Tentacle Sex Fantasies Come True

April 21, 2008 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot

2008_04_21_mandy.jpgAs even the most casual of porn and kink fans know, tentacle sex has a long and storied history; all too often for the more literal-minded among us, however, those tentacle sex fantasies are usually depicted via brightly colored cartoons or clumsily rendered CGI. (Unless you're talking about certain infamous Japanese videos, but we prefer not to talk about those until after lunch.) Leave it to punk porn princess Mandy Morbid to make a tentacle fuck video that's actually pretty hot even if you've never given much thought to what Cthulhu's sex life might be like. (And for those of you who point out that whatever it is she's fucking is nothing more than a plastic skull and a couple of lengths of plastic tubing ... well, we told you it was a fantasy, right?)

· Mandy Morbid Vs. Crazy Tentacle Sex Monster (free QuickTime video @

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