"Cubbyholes": Transmen In (Seriously Hot) Action

March 20, 2008 | Posted in Hardcore by lux-alptraum

2008_03_20_cubbyholes.jpgWe have to respect a movie that features a blindfolded transman cub on his knees getting fucked up the ass by a stranger a mere seven minutes in ... you know, at the point when some higher-concept porn flicks are still rolling the credits. Yes, "Cubbyholes" cuts to the chase, spending a minimal amount of time on the plot (which mainly seems to be "transmen who want to get fucked and the people who want to fuck them") and a whole lot more time on hard, hot sex. Can't really argue with that formula, can we?

In six hot scenes, the men of "Cubbyholes" suck, fuck, and finger their way through the many rooms of Eros, a San Francisco-based safe sex club. Though all of the scenes have their charms, we particularly enjoyed watching Dex Hardlove breaking in Ian Foxe's new piercing (and, for that matter, watching Dex Hardlove fuck Ian Sparks up the ass, and watching Dex Hardlove get his cock sucked... and just watching Dex Hardlove, period.).

But wait - there's more! Not only is "Cubbyholes" some seriously hot transguy porn, it also comes with a neat little booklet (authored by James Cullen) on safer sex for transguys. Porn that wants to get us off and keep us healthy? It doesn't get much better than that.

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