Calling Dr. Love (To Please Euthanize Us): The "Gene Simmons Sex Tape"

February 19, 2008 | Posted in Amateur by gram-ponante

Calling Dr. Love (To Please Euthanize Us): The "Gene Simmons Sex Tape"Maybe we and Terry Gross are not the ideal demographic for the just-now released "Gene Simmons Sex Tape", featuring a man who appears to be the KISS bassist atop an Austrian energy drink spokesmodel. But as personally repellant as many find Simmons, we can't help but thank him for leaving his goddamn shirt on.

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Update: After the jump, view some clips from the ten minute video: in one, Alleged Gene Simmons puts on a condom before entering his lady friend, who then refuses to kiss him. The reader may draw his or her own conclusions as to what that all means.

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