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October 31, 2003 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbotmod

Launched in November 2003, Fleshbot is a frequently updated and influential web magazine about the pornography—and the sex culture—that digital technology and distribution has made possible.

Fleshbot has been praised by the Village Voice as "the perfect way to conceal your animal urges beneath a veneer of geek intellectualism." Wired called Fleshbot "a webzine for aficionados of both pornography and the technology that now drives much of it." Fleshbot has also been featured in the New York Times and The Guardian. (More Fleshbot press here.)

As of April 2006, Fleshbot attracts an average of over 150,000 unique visitors and nearly 300,000 page views daily. Unlike many email newsletters, which sit unread in subscriber inboxes, Fleshbot counts only active readers. Information on advertising may be found here.

Fleshbot is published by Nick Denton, formerly with the Financial Times and Moreover Technologies, and edited by John d'Addario.

Fleshbot links to adult sites. It is not safe for work, and not intended for viewers under 18.

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Editor: John d'Addario is interested in many things, sex and pornography being two of them. A native of The Bronx, he (still) lives in New Orleans with his significant other, four dogs, and a cat. His personal website has been online in varying stages of upkeep since 1996, and his porn collection isn't as large as you think.

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