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December 29, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We'd seen Neon in a few of the ads for Burning Angel, but it wasn't until we took the time to check out her profile and recent diary entries that we knew she had what it took to be a featured model here: "today i'm going to philly with joanna and a couple of the angels to dress up like vikings and party with rich nerds (heheh webdesigners are nerds too). this spells nothing but fun!" (Note to any models who aspire to be featured on Fleshbot someday: a fondness for eyeglasses, comic books, web designing nerds and Viking costumes will always win points in our book.)

Neon (profile @ Burning Angel - more photos after the jump)

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Photos courtesy Burning Angel - click for larger versions:

BA_neon_5.jpg BA_neon_6.jpg
BA_neon_1.jpg BA_neon_2.jpg
BA_neon_3.jpg BA_neon_4.jpg

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