Reality Men 2005 Calendar

December 28, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Before you shell out $9.99 for the "Sexiest Men of Reality TV" 2005 Calendar, make sure you read this consumer warning from a frustrated fan at Dreamcaps: "(T)here is a major design flaw in the calendar ... and that is the pictures all are 2 pages long so they go over the fold, meaning that nips and pecs end up in the staple or deformed slightly because of the middle. I guess it's fine when it's hanging and you're standing some distance away, but it is alot for your eye to go over when it's close." Caveat emptor! (Then again, you can always wait a few weeks until it starts turning up in the remaindered bins at your local mall—for half price or so, what's a few staple marks between you and the objects of your obsessions?)

"The Sexiest Men Of Reality TV 2005 Calendar" (scans @ Dreamcaps; registration required)
Order: "The Sexiest Men Of Reality TV 2005 Calendar" (MTV Shop)

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