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December 22, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


So what's a nice Canadian girl like Penelope doing on Burning Angel? "It makes me feel super sexy knowing that i'm on a site with countless beautiful women. Plus ... come on now ... I'm a Knockout!" We're not usually turned on by such hubris, but in Penelope's case we think it's justified. (Besides, if an expert in the field like the site's own sexy spokesmodel calls her the "hottest girl ever", who are we to argue?)

Penelope (profile @ Burning Angel - more photos after the jump)

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Photos courtesy Burning Angel - click for larger versions:

BA_penelope_1.jpg BA_penelope_2.jpg
BA_penelope_3.jpg BA_penelope_4.jpg
BA_penelope_5.jpg BA_penelope_6.jpg
BA_penelope_7.jpg BA_penelope_8.jpg

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