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December 22, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· Like we said last week, three anonymous posts on a message board do not a sex tape make—but Lloyd Grove milks the Paige Davis sex tape rumor anyway. He does score points for coining using* the word "doppelbanger", though. (NY Daily News; see also Gawker)

· Fetishwear goes uptown: "We are pushing the envelope a bit ... But there is nothing here that would shock New Yorkers." (NY Times)

· We already knew "The Guy Game" was stupid; turns out it's now illegal too. (Kotaku; see also 2004 sex and gaming review @ CNN)


· "The Guy Game" may be verboten, but hey ... we'll always have "Rumble Roses"! (screenshot @ geekonstun.com, via La Petite Claudine)

· Why is India becoming the new Porn Valley all of a sudden? Alleged nude video of "top south Indian actress" Trisha Krishnan is the latest scandal to make headlines. Yes, we'll let you know as soon as we find it. (Times of India - thanks AJ)

· Here she is, Miss Teen USA: looks like Kari Ann Peniche is growing up just fine. (chill.to/xax)

· Christmas at San Francisco's Power Exchange = an excuse for a really bad poem. Still sounds like fun though. (SF Chronicle)

· Is that a permit on your g-string, or are you just happy to see us? Strippers in San Antonio now required to carry licenses on their person while performing, thanks to a new law passed by the city council last week. (Adult FYI)


· The word for today is bunda, which our friends at the newly renovated Lascivias tell us is Portuguese for "booty". Can you say bunda? We thought you could. (uol.com.br)

· Actually, Tom, we're pretty sure Dorothy Parker's quote was "You can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think", not sing—but we still love you for using the word "otorhinolaryngological" in a sex scene. (Guardian)

· Barbara Streisand: "Funny Girl", "Yentl", and ... MILF? "As an older woman you definitely still have sex ... You're freer, you savour every moment and have fewer inhibitions. I think it's great. Sex gets better the older you get." (Reuters)

· So what exactly can brown do for you? All you need to do is answer the door and find out. (ups-girl.blogspot.com)

· Finally, thanks to everyone who sent us more Chyna sex tape sightings, even if we've already seen about as much as we want to. But we sure appreciate it!

*Update One Fleshbot reader claims the term "doppelbanger" has been used before, and offers this dictionary entry from 2002 as proof. Thanks, Wyyrd!

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