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December 17, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· 2004 wasn't just "the year of Bad Sex" ... it was the year of "really, really, really bad sex". Thanks for making us feel good about our work, Salon! (salon.com, free day pass required)

· Regina Lynn catches the buzz on cell phone vibrators, in case you're having trouble distinguishing your VibraExciters from your Dial-An-Orgasms. (Wired)

· Gillette hopes to "penetrate more razors" with the release of its vibrating shaving thingie. Why bother coming up with something dirty to say about this when the company's press release already did it for us? (USA Today, via Boing Boing/Adrants)

· Meanwhile, Bacardi courts the lucrative multibreast/hot alien babe fetish demographic in its new ad campaign. In the words of Goldenfiddle: "Remember, you have to be twenty-one to drink but only six to appreciate this humor!" (Ad Rag; see one of the clips from the horrifically clunky Bacardi site @ TTR2)

· AVN bids farewell to Jim Holliday, porn's resident historian and the man whose "Top 25 Adult Stars Of All Time" deserves pride of place in your DVD library. Rest in peace. Jim. (avn.com + adultdvdempire.com)

· Send some good thoughts to Jenna Jameson this weekend, who revealed in her diary today that she's currently recuperating from skin cancer surgery. (justjennajameson.com - thanks Romeo)

· OK, enough depressing porn news today: bring on Sky Lopez and her amazing dildo light saber! "Who's on top now, bitch?" (.wmv video @ milkandcookies.com - thanks Chad)


· Cam girl Stunning Serena got spanked on a satellite radio morning show this week to drum up publicity for her website. Guess it worked—we'd never heard of her before, and you're all reading about her now. (OttyHotties)

· Speaking of publicity stunts, does anyone remember Tonya from "Real World Chicago"? Neither do we, but apparently she's like naked or something. (anothersite.co.uk - thanks Sarah)

· Feminine hygeine products: they aren't just for menstruation fetishists any more! Turn those pieces of cotton into an adorable Christmas angel; have someone else make you a cuddly tampon doll; or perhaps a pair of MaxiPad slippers would be just the thing to keep you warm and cozy this season? (dbtech.net, mypapercrane.com, and uglydress.com - via sexblo.gs and UberBitch Naomi)

· Before anyone else asks us about the alleged Paige Davis sex tape, remember: three posts on a message board do not a celebrity sex video make. Besides, we love Paige too much to believe she'd ever do something so Hiltonesque. (cndb.com)

· Then again, Paris says she doesn't really care about sex. What a difference a year makes ... (Gawker)

· Finally, we thought we'd let you know that Fleshbot may also be accessed by our new alternate address, evilurl.com/pissholefucker. Thanks to EvilURL for helping let the world know what we're really all about. (evilurl.com - thanks Ted)

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