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December 15, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· So this whole new flap about the FCC investigating NBC for indecency during its Summer Olympics broadcast is really a joke, right? All those cocks were like totally fake! (NY Post, via Daze Reader)

· CNN discovers that kooky Japanese lap pillow all the kids were blogging about a few weeks ago. Think they'll get around to featuring this too sometime? (CNN)

· "Madam to sell sex memorabilia to help pussies". Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it? (Independent Online, South Africa)

· And speaking of madam(e)s: "I open the door and there's [a politician] dressed in a corset with a bottle of Dom Perignon hanging by a rope tied to his balls." Sounds like politics as usual here in Louisiana—but then again, we live here. (neworleans.metblogs.com)

· Maybe the New Orleans madame was mistaken: perhaps her client was wearing one of these? (cock jewelry @ showoffyourstuff.com, via Popbitch; see also matching PussyRings™)

· Behold the miracle of the Exploding Wonderbra. And they call this a design defect? (Forbes, via sexblo.gs

· Technophobe hysteria alert: Denmark reports first two cases of sexual harassment by videophone. Excuse us, but is that the sound of our bullshit detector ringing? (Copenhagen Post, via thefeature.com)


· Yesterday Fleshbot, tomorrow the world: our pal Merlin Bronques' "Urban Pinups" are taking over! Be sure to drop him a note and thank him for the early Christmas present(s). (namlive.com)

· Neil Bush: goodwill ambassador or sex tourist? Asian Sex Gazette wants to know. (asiansexgazette.com)

· Hmm, we can kind of see Reese Witherspoon playing Marilyn Chambers in the biopic someday—here is that whole "Election" connection, after all. (5ive Questions @ WOW Report)


· Wow, that crazy Drunken Stepfather is sure desperate for our attention—but do we have the heart to tell him that "scan" of Anna Kournikova "naked" making the rounds this week is a fake? (Then again, he did send us a cameltoe haiku and tipped us off to a site with samples from Lara Roxxx's new handjob videos, so we guess we'll keep opening his emails.) (drunkenstepfather.blogspot.com + handjobmodels.com)

· We're intrigued by this new "Mathematics and Sex" book, though we're still kind of confused as to what it's all about. Does it include pictures? (Slashdot)

· News flash: Tara Reid still not laughing about The Boob. But we sure are! (Defamer)

· Finally, we leave you with the pleasant image of Vida Guerra taking a bubble bath. Why do talk show hosts get to have all the fun? (.wmv video @ dumpalink.com - thanks Kevin)

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