Jenna Lewis Exposed (Again)

December 13, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot

Jenna Lewis Exposed (Again)

From the Department of No Surprises: Ben Widdicombe at the NY Daily News reported "detailed information" this weekend about the real story behind the Jenna Lewis sex tape—apparently, the "Survivor" star had a hand in its distribution and has raked in $70,000 from a site that's been selling the video since last June, despite her initial insistence that "the video had been stolen and she had nothing to do with its release". Sneaky, yes, but we sort of have to admire her scheme to extend her fifteen minutes beyond the run of the show. Wonder why she didn't win?

"Survive This" (NY Daily News; also spotted @ Adult FYI)

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(By the way, the video is available at [free registration required] if you haven't seen it already.)

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