Victoria's Secret Xmas Video

December 9, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Even though you're likely to be seeing this ad more times than you'll be able to count between now and Christmas, we thought we'd share this link to the video for the new Victoria's Secret TV spot in case you get the urge to hear breathy supermodels in lingerie whisper things like "Delight me" to you at 3 in the morning when there's nothing on but infomercials. (Happens to us all the time.) Opines The Superficial: "(T)his is a brilliant commercial. Sure it uses the most overused Christmas song in the history of media, but it also uses supermodels in lingerie. And if I'm not mistaken, supermodels in lingerie is the very definition of brilliant."

Victoria's Secret 2004 Christmas Ad (.wmv video w/sound @ The Superficial)

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