Jenna Jameson in FHM

December 7, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


While Jenna Jameson recuperates from an as yet unidentified, but probably breast-related plastic surgery this week (reports her husband: "Jenna is still Jenna; I asked her if she needed anything, like a drink—something to eat, etc. Her reply was, 'Prada ... they have a new purse, or Christian Dior ... one to go with my dress for the awards show'"), we wonder if she spent time flipping through the new issue of FHM, in which she's featured in a set of gorgeous photos in which she looks not only like an incredibly glamorous porn star-turned-bestselling author, but ... er, an incredibly glamorous porn star with words written all over her body. Very "Pillow Book" if you ask us. (Note to Jenna: We think you look great as a brunette, and wish you a speedy recovery. Can't wait to see the new rack!)

Jenna Jameson (FHM - thanks Sanj)
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