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December 6, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· This just in: "The US Supreme Court has ruled that masturbating on a police uniform in an adult video sold on eBay is not First Amendment-protected speech if you are an off-duty cop whose AOL alias is codestud3." Good thing that's all cleared up. (Boing Boing)

· "I'll trade you two Jennas for a Stormy!" Finally, a convenient way to play pocket pool with the Wicked Girls. Just try not to make all the cards stick together. (xxxtradingcards.com, via AVN)

· The Weekly World News provides an inspirational guide to the sexiest men in the Bible: "Jesus was the ultimate hunk ... God knew no one wants to worship an ugly savior. That's why He made Jesus in the image of men He saw on the cover of romance novels. The heaving chest, long, flowing locks like Fabio's, six-pack abs and square chin attracted hordes of formerly pagan women." (weeklyworldnews.com - thanks Jen)

· Want to have more sex? Move to Australia and bring your backback. Sure, you'll have to sleep with lots of dirty German hippies, but at least you'll be getting laid. (Sydney Morning Herald)

· Then again, you can always improve your sex life by staying home and visiting your local rural offramp—looks like Love Slings of Ecstasy aren't just for big city types any more. (LA Times)


· The bukkake-flavored billboard in Harajuku for Japanese pop singer Ai Otsuka's "Love Jam" CD might've been removed, but you can still enjoy all the lip-smacking sticky goodness at her official website. (patrick.com + avexnet.or.jp)

· In case you haven't heard, Paris is a brunette these days ... but what's that spot of green all about? (Paris Hilton upskirt @ shotnews.com, via cityrag/Defamer)


· Since Howard Stern fans in Miami missed last weekend's show featuring porn hotties Cytherea and Teagan Presley when the local affiliate dropped their live broadcast and played music instead, we figured the least we could do is point them in the direction of this illustrated episode recap. 'Cause we care. (howardstern.com)

· Next time that happens, maybe prudish radio stations can play some tracks from the fabulous "Wakka Wakka Chikka Chikka" porn soundtrack compilation instead? Sure, listening to "The Devil In Miss Jones" isn't the same thing as watching it, but at least it's something. (comfortstand.com - thanks Jim; also spotted @ BB)

· Oh, and in case you missed last Saturday's KSEX Listener's Choice Awards, not to worry—there's photos from that online too. (prettyandfine.com, thanks RA - more @ AVN)

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