"Hitomi - My Stepsister"

December 3, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Kotaku reports on the release of "Hitomi - My Stepsister", a Japanese "multi-scenario love-sim game for Windows" which involves "trying to bump uglies with your step-sister, step-mother and who knows who else". Frankly, we find most bishojo games pretty dull (Peach Princess' "Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber" is our favorite), but at least the website for this one features a gallery of hentai screenshots and audio samples of some of the characters you'll encounter on your way to semi-incestuous bliss. Even if you don't decide to buy it, you can still spend hours of fun making great prank voicemail messages with all those MP3s.

"Hitomi - My Stepsister" (game info, screenshots, trailer, and .mp3s @ pcrdist.com, via Kotaku)

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