All About Labiaplasty

November 30, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We received some interesting reader feedback on the New York Times article about vaginal reconstructive surgery we posted yesterday, including an email with the following request: "I was looking for information of porn stars' plastic surgeon, and you guys are the only ones I found ... Thank you! My husband is very visual. I know porn stars have done that kind of surgery for multiple reasons, but girls like me dont have (an) idea what we can do or who is the better to go to, how, where ... PLEASE if you could give me any address or contact with porn industry, or something, I will appreciate it so much!" While we're not in the habit of giving professional referrals on Fleshbot, and make no claims about his skill (or whether he's worked on any actual porn stars), we hereby direct your attention to this plastic surgeon in Miami who seems to be proud of his work—and has the pictures to prove it.*

Before and After photos: Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty (, via Flaunting It)

*Update We hope most of you realized that the above "referral" wasn't meant to be taken seriously—it was more an excuse to link to those before and after photos than anything else—but in case anyone reading this is actually considering the procedure, we recommend thinking about what one of our readers had to say about the subject:

"Most women have highly individual genitals, and it's simply a matter of the woman knowing and accepting herself —and demanding that men accept her that way too.

"Otherwise, it may be time for women to start complaining to their men about how untidy their scrotum is. I mean, really, it's far too wrinkly and hairy ... a nip and tuck combined with a Brazilian wax should fix that up nicely, don't you think?"

Thanks for the feedback, Ms. Naughty. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

See also: Betty Dodson, "Designer Vaginas" (Salon, 2000): "Women's genitals are fascinating, unique and beautiful. Now we want little doll-like genitals and vaginal orgasms and Viagra for women! If men can get close enough to lick and diddle, they don't give a rat's ass about the size of your genitals or the shape of your labias."

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