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November 15, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


· We know it's supposed to be cute and comforting and all, but frankly we think this Japanese girlfriend lap pillow is sort of creepy. Maybe it's because we remember first encountering this all too well. (techjapan.com)

· Why settle for ordinary nipple pasties when you can adorn your favorite pair of ta-tas with a pair of Pastease's lovely designs, including hearts, iron crosses, and pot leaves? Talk about kind buds! (pastease.com - thanks Rob)

· Are you ready to rock? Wait, let's rephrase that ... are you ready for Rockbitch? (QuickTime video w/sound @ rockbitch.tv, via YDM)

· If hot lesbian rockers aren't your style, try your hand at creating your own sexiest music video of all time. Don't worry; Madonna's not an option. (Ministry of Sound, via Joker)

· And no, Britney didn't make the sexy video cut either. Go figure. (Vividblurry)

· We're wondering what the rejected drafts for the cover of Jessica Cutler's "Washingtonienne" novel looked like: full on girl-on-Washington Monument hardcore anal action maybe? Good thing the folks at Hyperion decided to go with something more subtle. (Wonkette)

· Pfizer ordered to pull Viagra ads due to FDA concerns about "unsubstantiated claims about a return of sexual desire." There's irony in there somewhere. (CNN)


· Jenna Haze may have gained new mainstream fans thanks to her appearance on HBO's "Pornucopia" last week, but was solidifying her reputation as "that porn chick with the annoying laugh" exactly what she had in mind? (Adult FYI)

· If you feel like you've been seeing graphic sex everywhere you look these days, it's not just you: so is everyone else. (Macon Telegraph, via World Sex News)

· Then again, who can blame you for being sex-obsessed when everyone seems to be posing naked these days, including Ohio news anchors? No, it's not Catherine Bosley this time. (19actionnews.com)

· It isn't too early to start shopping for our holiday gifts—or the sexy paper you'll want to use to wrap them with. Remember: Christmas is only 40 days away! (Eros Blog)

· Finally, thanks to everyone who sent us a link to the culinary wonderland that is Cooking With Cum—but really, why do you think we'd be interested? Er, don't answer that. (cookingwithcum.com)

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