"Big" Dick Cheney Revealed

November 15, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We should've known our crotch-obsessed sister site Wonkette would dig up the photo of Dick Cheney that has been setting conservative hearts a-flutter on message boards since last week. We think the bulge in question looks more like a colostomy bag that need emptying than anything else, but what can we say; we have as hard a time viewing our Vice President as a sex object as much as many of you do.

"Big Dick Cheney, Oh, Yes, Very Big" (Wonkette; also spotted at Towleroad)
See also: "Big Dick Cheney" (Wonkette)

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Update "Big Dick Cheney's Mystery Bulge" (Yes, we do like to think we were the ones who came up with the colostomy bag concept.) Let the conspiracy theories begin! (Wonkette)

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