"Necromania" Screening

November 15, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


The last time "Necromania" was screened in public, the US was at war, Richard Nixon was in the White House, and Times Square was a pre-Disneyfied sinkhole of sin. We're still at war, we still have a Republican president, and (fortunately) the French Quarter is still happily chock-full of vice—which makes it the ideal venue for the first public screening of Ed Wood's lost porn film since 1971. If you're in the Big Sleazy this week, join us for this historic event.

"Necromania" Screening
One Eyed Jack's, 615 Toulouse
French Quarter, New Orleans
Tuesday, November 16 @ 9 PM - No cover!

Download the flier here (PDF, 280 kb)

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