Denise Richards in Playboy

November 11, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


There's been several celebrity guest stars featured in Playboy this year, but judging from the number of inquiries we've received "Wild Things" star Denise Richards may just be the most eagerly anticipated one of them all. We're looking forward to reading more juicy margarita-saturated details on what it was like to make out with Neve Campbell: "We just went for it ... Neve's a much better kisser than some of these guys, and her lips are softer."

Wild Thing: Denise Richards (preview @
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Update Denise's sandy photospread may be one thing, but not everyone's crazy about the way she looks on the cover: "Just because she's got the IQ of a plastic Christmas tree doesn't mean you should dress her like one." Ho ho ho! (Jared Paul Stern, via Gawker)

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