Happy Birthday Fleshbot!

November 10, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Why yes, Fleshbot did go live exactly one year ago today—thanks for noticing! Who'd have thought back then that we'd eventually be receiving real cease and desist letters from actual celebrities and over eight million page views a month? (Aside from our millionaire playboy publisher, that is, but then he's supposed to have some spooky internet mogul sense about these things.) We wouldn't have made it through these last 2,679 posts without our sponsors, our tipsters, our porn blogging pals, our fellow crackheads fine colleagues at Gawker Media—and most importantly, our readers. Thanks to all of you from the bottom of our smutty little hearts.

Of course, we might not have made it this far either without Fleshbot patron saint Paris Hilton, whose sex tape hit the internet the morning we launched. Let's journey back in time to the days when we were more nervous about things like lawsuits than we are today, shall we? If we only knew then what we know now ...


From the Fleshbot archives, 11/10/2003:

Paris Hilton Sex Tape Stills
Paris Tape Feedback
Paris Tape Update
More Paris Tape Sightings

* * * * *

Thanks again for your support. Stick around for year two.

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