Zeta-Jones Vs. The Spice House

October 26, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Kudos to the proprietors and staff of the Reno strip club being sued by Catherine Zeta-Jones for using a photograph of her on their website (where, truth be told, she must've stood out like a Cartier watch in a display case at Wal-Mart): they may have yielded to her fearsome litigious juggernaut, but at least they still have a sense of humor about the whole thing. The BBC reports that one dancer has renamed herself "Catherine Ta-Ta Jones", and quotes the club owner as saying "She is a big double-D and we are just B cups. She ought to pick on someone her own size." We know where we'll be treating everyone to a round of drinks the next time we're in Nevada.

"Strip club paid Zeta 'compliment'" (BBC News)
The Spice House: "Reno's Friendliest Topless Cabaret" (spicehouse.com - sound file warning)

Mini-gallery of some our favorite fake Zeta-Jones nudes from the newsgroups after the jump. (Note: these images aren't real. They're simulated, as a matter of fact, using various digital retouching techniques. Like we said, they're fake as fake can be. Clear enough?)

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