Sex Without Bush/Shave It 2004

October 21, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


There's a great roundup today of many of the sexy anti-Dubya sites we've featured at Fleshbot over the last several months (including F The Vote and No More Bush Girls) at Modvox, which is fast becoming one of our favorite online adult reviews, but there's one in the article we hadn't come across yet: Shave It 2004 asks you to "get rid of your Bush in effigy!" by grabbing a razor and ... well, you know the rest. So far, only a few brave crotch-baring souls have submitted photos, but we're hoping that'll change over the next week and a half: we think ingrown hairs and a slight case of uncomfortable itching are small prices to pay for political expression.

"More Sex Without Bush: Internet Campaigns Designed To Get You Laid" (Modvox)
Shave It 2004: "Getting rid of Bush, one voter at a time" (

See also: "Sex pledges to boost US vote turnout" (BBC News - thanks Simon)

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