Fiasco: "Those Feelings"

October 15, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Anyone who's watched Manhattan cable television over the past 27 years needs no introduction to Robin Byrd, the pornstar-turned-Oprah of the smut set whose late night talk show has featured practically every adult entertainer ever to grace the marquees of the strip clubs of Times Square (back when Times Square actually had strip clubs, that is.) New York City band Fiasco pays homage to Robyn and her many guests over the years—not to mention their hairstyles, lycra unitards, and box-bangin' dance moves—in a cleverly edited new video for their song "Those Feelings" ... lie back, get comfortable, and enjoy.

Fiasco, "Those Feelings" (Quick Time music video @ - thanks Marco)

See also: Robin Byrd (official site @
Robin Byrd (videography @

Update 10/18 Through Boing Boing we find out that Fiasco (or F i A S C O, if you want to get technical) is not only a musical project starring fondly remembered ex-Nerve columnist Grant Stoddard, but Fleshbot pal Siege shot the stills for their website. It's a small, smutty world.

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