"Manhunt" on Bravo

October 13, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Along with some of our fellow skin-scouting tipsters and blogging coevals, we can no longer ignore the contestants on Bravo's "Manhunt" (not to be confused with the recent Hot House movie and gay hookup site of the same name[s], although wouldn't that be interesting?), since everywhere we look these days we seem to be seing them in all their cheekbone-sucking, depilated glory—and the show just premiered last night. For the next eight weeks, resistance is futile.

"Manhunt" (official site @ bravotv.com)
Bravo_Manhunt (Yahoo! group - registration required)
"Manhunt" (forum topics @ Dreamcaps - registration required)
"Attack of the Clones"/"Manhunt Anyone?" (Towle Road)

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