Rachel Perry in Playboy

September 30, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We always knew there was something we liked about VH1 "All Access" hottie host Rachel Perry (aside from those sexy bird tattoos), and her mini-interview in this month's Playboy confirms it: "Fred Durst took offense to a question I asked and threatened to kick my ass ... It made me cry, but it was funny afterward because he's a total dork." Don't worry about Durst, Rachel - we got your back. (Unfortunately, our lawyers tell us it wouldn't be a good idea post the two hot [though non-nude] photos which accompany the piece, but we have it on excellent authority that a quick search of UsenetBinaries.com today may turn up something of interest.)

Meanwhile, check out Rachel's previous appearances in Maxim and Stuff Magazine

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