Daniella Cicarelli

September 29, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot

Daniella Cicarelli

From what we can understand based on the (Portuguese) news tip we received today, Brazilian model and VJ (and future wife of soccer star Ronaldo, usually referred to as the "Beckham of Brazil") Daniella Cicarelli successfully sued to have current copies of a popular men's magazine containing racy photos of her removed from the stands. (Something involving a cameltoe? Help us out here, people.) Since we haven't found the offending photos online yet, it's a good thing she didn't have a problem with the hot shots taken of her by Terry Richardson a few years ago - or else we'd have to end this post with yet another amusingly incomprehensible Babel Fish translation or something.

Daniella Cicarelli by Terry Richardson (photos @ spezzato.com.br, via Lascívias)

See also: Daniella Cicarelli in VIP (article and magazine cover @ babado.ig.com.br)

Daniella Cicarelli: A Musa do Brasil (bio, photos, and videos @ ig.com.br)

Update Our Brazilian operative explains: "The VIP magazine's artist make some Photoshop magic to make more visable the Cicarelli's camel toe ... This photo was published in double-page size." Wait, a double page Photoshop-enhanced celebrity camel toe photo? Why didn't anyone tell us about this before? (Thanks A.!)

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