Votergasm Under Attack!

September 28, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


We just heard from two Fleshbot operatives that Rush Limbaugh called the folks at Votergasm a bunch of "depraved lunatics" on his radio broadcast this afternoon and called for his minions to take action: "Let's shut down this site, folks." (Sounds like an incitement to a DOS attack to us - isn't that illegal or something?) The bumptious pill-popper also instructed listeners to flood site director Michelle Collins' inbox with emails saying "If Kerry wins, we'll all get screwed" - despite the fact that Votergasm is emphatically non-partisan (though pro-naked partying). So far, the site's still up - if crawling - but if you manage to get through, now's the perfect time to sign their pledge and help get young voters to the polls (and the bedroom) this November.

In case you're having trouble accessing Votergasm today, we're reprinting its press release below. Stay tuned.

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pledgeheader5.jpg Press Release:

YOUTH CAMPAIGN CALLS FOR VOTING, SEX seeks 100,000 young people to pledge sex with voters on election night and withhold sex from non-voters

(New York, NY) Increase voter turn-on. That
s the idea behind, an ambitious campaign launched by a group of recent grads from Columbia, Barnard, Harvard, and UW-Madison who are seeking to increase youth voting and sexual activity. Their goal: send 100,000 first-time youth voters to polls for the 2004 elections, and catalyze 250,000 orgasms by the morning of November 3. They
re asking
s visitors to pledge to have sex with a voter on election night
and withhold sex from non-voters until the next presidential election. Since the campaign
s launch two weeks ago, more than 4,000 people have pledged to do just that.

Voting is hot,
said director and spokeswoman Michelle Collins.
And young voters are hot for each other. is a way to channel our generation
s patriotism into sex, and vice versa. Election Day should be an erotic national youth festival, an orgy of democracy and civic participation.

To encourage election-night sex on campuses, kicked-off an aggressive and outrageous swing-state advertising campaign today. The ad buy, starting with U-Penn
s Daily Pennsylvanian, will soon expand to college newspapers in Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan, Iowa, and Missouri. The ad is viewable online at

At, visitors can register to vote, host or locate election-night Votergasm parties, and sign the Votergasm Pledge to have sex with
and only with
fellow voters. The site also features steamy instructional pictorials of young, scantily-clad male and female voters demonstrating civic actions such as requesting an absentee ballot, and a Hot-or-Not-style game in which visitors judge the political orientation of people who upload their photos to the site.

Many people think of politics as dirty. But it doesn
t have to be that way. Politics can be clean, invigorating, and beautiful
like sex,
Collins continued.
When we looked at the statistics from the 2000 elections, we were shocked. Millions of young people didn
t vote
and an even larger number did not have sex that night. Never again. is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that seeks to reverse two disturbing trends in American society: low voting rates among young people, and unacceptably low rates of youth sexual activity.

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