The Church of Ed Wood

October 18, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by jonnobot


Despite his reputation as the worst film director in the history of the medium—or maybe because of it—Ed Wood has always inspired a particularly enthusiastic fan base. But few Ed Wood fans are as devoted as Steve Galindo, who has established a full-fledged cult of worship surrounding the director:

"Ed Wood is more than just a director and he is more than just a person to worship. Ed Wood is also a deep mental process, an inner sense of self that, when Ed is followed and worshipped correctly, will better one's life. By using the holy teachings of life within Ed Wood that have been written exclusively by Reverend Steve Galindo, founder of Woodism, one who fully believes in Ed Wood and His divinity will find ways to make their lives better, calmer and more productive."

(Don't think he's serious? Click on the link below and check out the message that pops up before you even see the front page of his site.)

We regret not having been able to make it out to Sacramento this weekend to attend his first annual "Ed-Woodstock" film festival, but until the next one rolls around we can all devote ourselves to studying the lessons Reverend Steve shares on his site—as well as to the arcane symbolism of his Ed Wood tattoo.

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