Wet Spots

September 27, 2004 | Posted in Hardcore by jonnobot


(Or, "The Fleshbot Post Feature Formerly Known As "Remaindered Smut"):

· No more aimless wandering around the West Village in search of the perfect pair of maribou handcuffs or sticky-floored video booth with this handy locator map to sex shops, courtesy of the New York Times. Clip and save! (Gawker, via Curbed - another NYC smut map here)

· We told you "The Passion" was the best S&M porn movie of the year. (brokentype.com, via Adrants)

· Google serves a C&D order to gay search engine Fagoogle, claiming copyright infringement, restoring "Yahoo!" to its former title of gayest search engine name ever. (AVN)

· Speaking of C&Ds, remember that whole Cameron Diaz sex tape thing? Relive the magic with VH1's "When Stars Get Scammed", premiering tonight. (VH1.com, via Daze Reader)

· Handy guide to current art film smut, just in case you were having trouble distinguishing "A Dirty Shame" from "9 Songs". (kansas.com)

· Forget spam offers - now you can ringtone your way to bigger, firmer breasts. And if you believe that, we also know a widow in Nigeria who needs your noble assistance. (theregister.com - thanks Mike; listen to a chest-swelling ear-splitting MP3 of the ringtone @ Engadget)

· Sex, lies, and a
100,000 bill at the end of it all: the memoirs of The Brothel Creeper (Observer - thanks Lani)

· If Anna Nicole could do it, you can too: Marry An Ugly Millionaire! (marry-an-ugly-millionaire-online-dating-agency.com)

· Looking for a little bit of parking lot passion? Beware the Car Sex Photo Bandit! (photos @ kladblog.com, via Attu)

· You're not even safe in your own home these days: before your wife gets undressed, make sure Grandpa turns off his video phone. (.wmv video @ ttr2.com - thanks Rob)

· In celebration of their ten year anniversary, Playboy.com's CyberClub is offering a free one month membership for ten hours today. Aren't you glad you read this far? (playboy.com - thanks E.)

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