Heidi Fleiss Goes Hardcore

September 16, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot-com


What do you do when you're a formerly notorious celebrity madame and want to keep your name in the press once the tabloids stop knocking at your door and a truly insipid made-for-TV movie has drained whatever interest the media-consuming public might still have had in your career? Why, lend your name to a new series of hardcore releases that purports to "divulge some hidden secrets to those who crave hard-core adult entertainment." Fleiss fans expecting to see her get down and dirty will be disappointed: Heidi merely "provides on-camera commentary that weaves the story into a colorful fabric". But the rest of the cast seems decent enough - even if we think it would've been better had Jamie-Lynn DiScala decided to hop on board this time as well and divulge some hidden secrets of her own.

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