Nina Knows Best

September 9, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot-com


Hustler Magazine calls "New York City fuck bunny" Nina Marachino "a hot little Gotham slut you wished lived down the hall from you" and goes on to gush, "Nina's sexual passion oozes from the computer screen. This Web site turns her on, and it shows." Who are we to argue with such a glowing recommendation?

Nina Knows Best (bio, journal, and preview gallery @
Nina in Hustler, 8/2004 (review @

Update While we still think Nina has some good free content on her site, a reader sends us this unsolicited consumer report ...

"as a one-time nina fan--and continuing appreciator--i thought i'd point out that nina's site hasn't been updated with content featuring her in at least a year. she continues to post generic porn content on the site and she uses this to make outsideres think she has fresh content.

"unfortunately, as any previous members know all too well, the content is old and stale and it sucks that nina continues to trick people into paying good $$ for her site."

With webgirls as with life ... caveat emptor, y'all.

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