Anais, Anais

August 26, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot-com


And speaking of sexy women and footwear, we think that white hot NinnWorx contract star Anais is sexier with her clothes on than most porn starlets look with their clothes off: whether she's wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse ears, Stella McCartney sunglasses, or a good old fashioned pair of thigh high rocker boots, there are tons of reasons why we're so smitten. And just think - we still have to look forward to what she'll be wearing (or not) at the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend or in her European Vanity Fair and Stuff Magazine features later this year. The mind reels.

"Anais Gets Her Mouse" (Pornoblography)
Anais Photoshoot 8/25/04 (thumbnail gallery @; registration required to view full-size pics)

Photos of Anais in those thigh high rocker boots (with "Fetish Circus" costar Kurt Lockwood) after the jump.

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Photos courtesy NinnWorx/Pure Play Media - click for larger versions.

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