Date a Maxim Girl

August 24, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot-com


Good news for all those pasty faced, socially challenged, unattractive men's magazine readers out there: the new editor of Maxim UK announced plans to start offering readers dates with its latest discoveries, who will have to comply with the matchmaking scheme as part of their contracts. (Of course, thanks to extensive demographic research we know that all of our readers are foxy sexual dynamos, so the above description doesn't apply to you.) No word yet whether new Maxim gal Milla Jovovich will be stepping out with a random Beercan Charlie anytime soon.

"Maxim editor promises girls for readers" (Yahoo! News, via Adrants)
Milla Jovovich in Maxim (The Superficial)

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Update More on Maxim's pimpery at Gawker.

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