Virtual Girlfriend

August 24, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot-com


Boing Boing reports on a new cellphone based virtual girlfriend game under development by Hong Kong-based company Artificial Life which sounds suspiciously like a Tamagotchi-like pet spiced up in a T&A interface: "There is a direct correlation between her level of romantic activity output and the amount of money you spend on her. Actually, my people have a word for this sort of creature: ho." Equal opportunity virtual pimps, take note: a "Virtual Boyfriend" version of the game (presumably one which involves keeping your pixelated paramour happy with unlimited supplies of beer, porn, and blowjobs) is slated for release next year.

Virtual Cellular Girlfriend (Boing Boing)
"HK firm develops cyber girlfriend" (BBC News)
"Artificial Life, Inc. Announces Innovative 3G Mobile Game: Virtual Girlfriend" (press release @
Artificial Life (corporate site @

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