Transsexuals in Athens

August 12, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot-com


When the Olympics begin tomorrow, it will be the first time that transsexuals will be allowed to compete in the Games. According to the NY Times, none are expected to compete, but would we even be able to tell if they did? Whether it's because of improvements in plastic surgery or because people come to terms with their identity earlier in life (and start hormones at younger ages), it's pretty hard to tell transsexuals from their genetic female counterparts these days. (Yea, we got all the questions wrong when we played the female/shemale game.) Which means there might be a surprise in store for you the next time you chat up a hot chick at a bar. Of course, if you enjoy girls with a little something extra, it should be a very pleasant one. (R.S.)

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