Charlotte Church's Nipple

August 10, 2004 | Posted in Celebrity by fleshbot-com


It seems like just yesterday that Charlotte Church was a baby-faced 12-year-old singing cheesy opera music. Oh, how time flies: Charlotte is 18 now and it's her tits - not her singing - that landed her on the front page of the tabloids. Over the weekend, paparazzi caught the soprano outside the London nightclub at 3AM. Char was wasted, of course ("she was so plastered she could hardly stand up"), but more importantly, one of her attractive breasts managed to sneak out for a breath of fresh air. True, there really isn't that much to see here, but don't despair: to shed her operatic image and make the successful transition to Spears-land, we're guessing more embarrassing tit flashes and alcohol binges are in store. (R.S.)

"Char-lots on show" (News of the World, original link down; see photos @ The Superficial)

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