Playboy Models Can Write, Too

August 6, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot-com


(R.S.): I wouldn't normally suggest reading anything that's been written by a Playboy model, but here's one recent arrival at your local Barnes & Noble that you might want to check out. Playboy's Jill Ann Spaulding has a book out called "Jill Ann: Upstairs," which, the press release promises, will divulge "explicit details about the sexual secrets of Hefner." (We're wondering if Pfizer had a hand in putting this book together.) Supposedly, Jill Ann also discusses some of her "personal encounters with celebrities like Britney Spears, Tobey Maguire, Drew Barrymore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Craig Kilborn and Simon Cowell."

If you're not feeling up to diving into Jill Ann's 168-page oeuvre, you can check out Jill Ann's site instead. There's a cute little pic of her and Bill Clinton posing at the Chicago Book Expo where they were both promoting their books. "It was exiting," Jill says of her encounter with the former prez. Yeah, it was probably pretty exiting for him, too, Jill Ann.

Jill Ann Spaulding [official site @]
Playboy Model Tells All... Hugh Hefner's Sex Secrets [press release via Defamer]
"Jill Ann: Upstairs" []

Update: The NY Post has a few interesting tidbits from the book (and from an interview Spaulding did with Steppin' Out magazine) which suggest that Jill Ann might not be getting another invite to the Playboy manse anytime soon: "Hefner has 12 'slave bunnies' whose duties include servicing the Playboy founder on Wednesday and Friday 'Sex Nights'. On Sex Night ... (y)ou have to take a bath ... There are also two large big screen TVs in his bedroom that play porn ... All the girls have to be cheering during the sex and the ones who aren't having sex with Hef have to pretend they are having lesbian sex with each other."

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Update: Former Playmate and current professional tarot card reader Stephanie Adams would like everyone to know that—despite whatever our guest editor Remy might've said to the contrary in the post above—many Playboy models can write, and Stephanie has this to say about Spaulding's book and her own experiences at the Playboy Mansion over the years:

"I think that it is horrible for someone to reveal someone else's private information, especially if that person discussed is not doing something against anyone else's will. I hope she enjoys her few moments of fame ...

"My experience with Hef was a good one. He personally welcomed me when I visited his home and treated me like family. I never slept with him and I became a playmate. Hef is unjustly being portrayed as a monster.

"I am horrified over her allegations of most playmates. Regardless of whether it is true or not, it is no one else's business to know. If you ever need a playmate to speak up in front of the media, please let me know.

"I feel very strongly about my take on this. Her few moments of being a part of the Playboy Mansion could never compare to my 12 years of experience knowing Hef, Playboy and the people I consider to be family."

Meanwhile, you can read Spaudling's entire Steppin' Out interview here. (

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