Hot! Prison! Sex!

August 6, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot-com


Shirtless, muscled, tattooed Puerto Rican men "sweaty and glistening" and locked in a cage? Sounds pretty hot, huh? Well, if you can look beyond the fact that the men in question all happen to be violent criminals and convicted felons, chances are if you ever end up sharing space with them at the Elmira prison in upstate New York, you'll never have to worry about any shortage of drama. In a phone interview from jail, club kid/convicted murderer Michael Alig talks to former club kid/author James St. James about the boys in the prison yard ("It's like this big auditorium, like the size of the Roxy dancefloor") and how even bloody prison fights can be a major turn on. More after the jump...

So, did all that rage and testosterone make you wonder what a good session of prison sex might be like? Take a look at Factory Video's Seedy, which was filmed at the Mack Folsom Prison sex club in SF. Or, for a little Latin favor, there's always Parole Officer Perez where a hot young law enforcement officer tries to keep "horny Latin papis out of the justice system's revolving door with weekly doses of the barrio's biggest uncut dicks." If only the solution to crime was that simple, huh? (R.S.)

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Michael Alig mugshot [Gawker]
Seedy by Factory Video [pics/video info @]
Parole Officer Perez by Latino Fan Club [pics/video info @]
Photo: Stud Directory [TGP/preview @, via Ask Jolene]

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