Paris Hilton Sex Tape: The Director's Cut?

February 12, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbotmod


It's deja vu all over again as the "extended director's cut" of everyone's favorite celebrity sex tape hits the Internet in a 37 minute/133 mB, rights-managed version. Or has it? The word on one discussion board says it's a hoax - you can try downloading it yourself here if you can get to it (and don't mind paying $50 to find out). We'll keep you posted when we hear more, depending how quickly we get sick of this story.

Full Paris Tape (discussion @ GFY Webmaster Board - thanks Pat)

Update: An anonymous reader who managed to get through to the download site writes: "It's not even Paris in those 'well-lighted' scenes mentioned in the Post! It's some model who kind of looks like Paris. (This is from looking at the stills on the Trust Fund Girls site.)" Anonymous reader also neglects to send us screencaps so we can see for ourselves. Yeesh.

Update: screencap is here. (Thanks, Nico.) To us it looks like the vidcaps show a combination of possible extended footage from the first tape, new "well-lighted" non-sexual footage, and some footage of a Paris lookalike - a veritable Paris potpourri! Next?

Update: Eyewitness report: Yeah, it's her. Here we go again.

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(via Tech Law Adviser)

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