"The Insatiable Curiosity of Sophie"

February 4, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbotmod


Erich von Götha is one of the leading artists specializing in erotic bandes dessinées (literally, "drawn strips," the preferred French intellectual term for comic art). "The Insatiable Curiosity of Sophie," an illustrated tale of "serial fellatio, lesbianism, public defloration, group sex and a condign (but enjoyable) lashing," is a good introduction to his work.

"The Insatiable Curiosity of Sophie" (EroticPrints.org; free registration required to view enlarged images)
See also: Erich von Götha (artist entry @ Lambiek
Judges' Erotic Award of the Year: Erich von Götha (9th Erotic Awards UK, 2002)

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