Let's Just Focus on the Glitter Covered Boobs of Elsa Hosk 65076967 ns4w org 005 37527a4a featured

Now, I'm not someone who is going to complain about how someone does their job, especially if I have no idea how any of it works. I mean, I wouldn't stand over a mechanic as they fix my car telling them they are doing something wrong. I have no idea. So, I don't want to tell the photographer from this spread that if he's got Elsa Hosk topless that they might want to use it more than once.

Damn, Victoria Beckham. Damn. Victoria beckham  vogue spain cover 2018 01 c3805ea0 featured

Ah, yes, here we are again my friends. That old, familiar place. That place where you get to see something so beautiful, so awesome, so fantastic that you really can't find the right words other than these: damn, Victoria Beckham. Damn. So if you want, feel free to say them with me. Damn, Victoria Beckham. Damn.

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Please Stop Wearing So Much, Ana De Armas Vnbpgopb o 9c1b63ae featured

We all know that Ana de Armas is hot. She is so hot that many of us can simply close our eyes and describe her hotness from memory. But that doesn't mean she needs to cover up! Come on, Ana De Armas don't wear so much! It's not sweater weather!