Who's At The Door?: Top Ten Roleplaying Sex Videos
Jun 07, 2013 | Posted in top ten, Editorial Features

Porno flicks might have a little bit of a bad rap as far as scriptwriting goes -- but we've gone ever so much further than the pizza boy making the delivery of a lifetime. There are slutty schoolgirls, naughty handymen, and cops that have gone totally rogue... And, sure, the situations might be fantastical, but we're using it as another subtle influence porn can have on the sex lives of laypeople. Go on, roleplay! We'll be the sweet and shy girl next door.

Hug Of The Gods: Top Ten Amateur Titfucking Videos
Jun 04, 2013 | Posted in top ten, Editorial Features

Ah, who doesn't love big, luscious, beautiful, tits? We love them so much we just wanna bang the shit out of them. Dick plunging into a marvelous set of mams -- ain't nothin' like it. Would it be appropriate for us to label this a 68? Or does 48 make more sense, visually? Well, either way, we just want to 4 or 6 with all the heavenly 8s across this wide, wonderful world.

Come On In: Top Ten Gangbang Sex Videos
May 31, 2013 | Posted in top ten, Editorial Features

What's better than having sex? How about having sex with multiple people, simultaneously? If that's not a party, we don't know what is. There is a certain amount of practice and skill necessary to offer up all your holes to all your friends, and where we might have a bit of trepidation crossing that threshold, these pornstar babes come crashing right in. Thank heavens!

Baby Make Your Booty Go: Top Ten Amateur Thong Sex Videos
May 28, 2013 | Posted in top ten, Editorial Features

Ah, the thong -- the sexiest and most adultlike of all underthings. It's fetishized, it's revered, it's heralded in song by Sisqo. What is it that makes the thong such a popular little thing? We suppose it's because all the world loves a booty, and the more booty up for grabs the happier we are. Naturally.

Twice The Fun: Top Ten Double Penetration Sex Videos
May 24, 2013 | Posted in top ten, Editorial Features

Ah, the fabled DP. It's a move that scares many a novice away, and with good reason. One truly has to work up the skill and fortitude necessary to take it in both love-spots at once -- and, luckily, there's a cadre of beautiful ladies who have done just this. We respect, admire, and want to jizz all over all your efforts. And for us, that's the highest compliment.

Man Vs. Wild: Top Ten Amateur Outdoor Sex Videos
May 21, 2013 | Posted in top ten, Editorial Features

We're quickly careening into summertime and with its sunny skies and warm breezes come a parade of picnics, pool parties, barbecues, patio drinking, and -- for those adventurous friends among us -- plenty of outdoor boning! So grab yourself a bratwurst and a keg beer and witness the beauty of nature in its full, full glory.

Dip Your Toes In: Top Ten "Professional Amateur" Sex Videos
May 17, 2013 | Posted in top ten, Editorial Features

There exists a category of amateur-style professionalish porn that may be beautiful ladies' and hottie dudes' first foray into video smutdom. Or, hey, it just may be a dirty little hobby these folks like to indulge in on occasion. Whatever the case, we're happy they're into it -- 'cause so are we.

1, 2, 3, 4: Top Ten Amateur Floor Sex Videos
May 14, 2013 | Posted in top ten, Editorial Features

Sometimes the trek from door to bedroom can feel like an insurmountable journey, especially with super-horniness as your vehicle. So, fuck that jazz. Just lay yourselves out wherever you can and go to town. The floor is ever so spacious, and just a tad bit dirty -- which only adds to the fun, you filthy trollops, you. Beds are fluffy and boring. Bang it out on the ground! Maybe your downstairs neighbors will hear...