Tricia Helfer Gets All Sexy & Steamy in a Hot Tub For The Win Helfer  1  featured

You know, there just isn't much sexier than getting to scope out a few photos of a super hot chick lounging around all sexy and steamy in a hot tub. When that hot chick is none other than the ever so fucking sexy Tricia Helfer, then shit is sure to get super fucking hot super fucking quick! Tricia Helfer all steamy wet and sexy in a hot tub? Total win.

The Greatest Idea Ever: A Book Of Nude Models In Bathtubs 1 3 featured

Sometimes someone comes up with an idea that is so simple and yet pure genius at the same time. Director and photographer TJ Scott should be given some kind of award for his great idea of taking pictures of incredible hot models in the bathtub and displaying them in book called The Tub Book. Seriously, simple and genius.

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As far as we can tell, "Spartacus" director TJ Scott's average day goes something like this: hang out with a celebrity. Invite them into the bathroom. Draw a bath, invite them to take a nice long soak (presumably after a glass of wine or two), and then snap their photo for In the Tub, his upcoming book of, you guessed it, various celebrities in the tub.