The Trip Home

Somehow we’ve gotten everything on my list done in time to take the subway home. I’m torn between feeling satisfied by the efficiency and feeling lame because we’ll be in bed before one am. I’m also drunk. Breakfast was a long time ago, women have a lower alcohol tolerance than men (they’ve done... read more

Stoya Recommends: Sex Ed For GrownUps

Sex is awesome and smart is awesome. If you’d like to be smart about sex, I have a range of textual aids: Geoffrey Miller’s The Mating Mind: Why are personalities and creative ability so attractive? In a evolutionary race for survival, how did human quirks like art and moral integrity even happen, much less become as... read more

How Could A Strip Club Possibly Go Wrong?

So far my big Japan Sex Adventure has been a highly entertaining failure. There have been antics, hijinks, and misadventures, but no successful encounters with anything really sex-y. Perhaps I should have done research before hand, but the blind exploration is usually half the fun. We make our way to the main street and look for a... read more

Five Of My Favorite Naked Ladies

Earlier this week, Stoya told all about her enduring affection for Joanna Angel. But Joanna’s not the only porn girl who’s stolen her heart… Mandy Morbid: Mandy has the bone structure of a doll, the most perfect set of gravity-defying breasts (yes they’re real), and more attitude than her five foot frame... read more

The Big Fat 0

I can’t remember when or how I first heard about Tokyo Love Hotels. It could have been the title of a film I never sat still long enough to watch. I could be remembering an imaginary sexy doppelganger of Mr. Ramone’s Chelsea Horror Hotel. Likely though, this knowledge came from the internet. Before the term social... read more

So What’s It Really Like?

I can mine the details of my life for expositional anecdotes all day long in an attempt to answer the unceasing question of what sex work is like, but all that will give you is an idea of what my experiences in the adult industry have been. Everyone sees different things and understands them in individual ways. If you really want to... read more

Super Kowai Kawaii Maid Cafe…. Of Doom

Kowai means scary. Kawaii means cute. The phonetic similarity evokes the way a lion cub can be adorable even though it is capable of ripping your face off… or how visual indicators of cuteness can be heightened out of all proportion and end up slightly terrifying. There are Japanese girls dressed as maids in the streets of... read more

Top Five Reasons That Joanna Angel Is Awesome

It’s no secret that I have a gigantic crush on Fleshbot’s Supreme Commandress Joanna Angel. Just in case there are one or two people who aren’t yet aware of the million wonderful things about her, I thought I’d share a few of my own: 1. Nine years ago she started a porn site. It turned into a full-blown adult... read more

They Call It The Pink Trade Here

Akihabara is full of electronics and anime. It’s the Tokyo that American fans of manga imagine, home to the world’s first dedicated robot store and covered in signs depicting cartoon girls with giant eyes and inhuman waist to hip ratios. Epileptic fit-inducing displays of flashing lights lure customers into shops full of... read more

Welcome To Fleshbot’s Stoya Week

Porn performer, model, acrobat, actress—there’s very little that Fleshbot Supreme Commandress Stoya can’t do. And this week she’s adding the title of guest editor of Fleshbot to her resume. Come along for the ride as Stoya unveils a five part series on sex in Japan, shares recommendations on her favorite... read more

My Top 5 Specimens Of Modern Sexual Literature

You know the type. They’re literature and they’ve got a lot of sex in them. They’re highly sexual, but they’re not exactly erotica. If we still made a big deal out of banning books they’d all be on the list…and they’re all on my bookshelf. Warren Ellis’s Crooked Little Vein Crooked... read more