Sophie Tweed Simmons Displays Her Cleavage in Many Ways Sts a03660e6 featured

There is very little doubt that Sophie Tweed Simmons looks amazing in a bikini. Her cleavage in a bikini is a truly wonderful sight to see. One could even say Sophie Tweed Simmons' cleavage looks the best when she rocks a bikini. But have you seen Sophie Tweed Simmons' cleavage in a see-through top? That's nothing to shake a stick at.

It's Time to Pay Attention to Sophie Simmons' Ass Sophie simmons wilhelmina modeling portfolio 04 a7f65dcd web featured

Sophie Simmons is really making a name for herself in the modeling world. It’s not all that surprising since her mother is the beautiful Shannon Tweed. Though I will say that we have been spending an awful lot of time focusing on Sophie Simmons rack - and with good reason - but now it’s time to give her rear end a little attention.

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Sophie Tweed-Simmons Should #FreeTheNipple Screen shot 2015 10 29 at 9.52.14 am featured

Now, I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy here, but even though this picture of Sophie Tweed-Simmons in her undies rocking some hard nips is great, it’s not #FreeTheNipple. You see, Free The Nipple means no bra, so for Sophie Tweed-Simmons to truly Free The Nipple, she’d have to lose the bra.

Thank Goodness Sophie Tweed-Simmons Got Her Mom's Boobs Screen shot 2015 10 08 at 6.03.14 pm featured

I have a feeling at some point we’ve all looked in the mirror and thanked one of parents for a certain feature we have. While we love both of our parents for bringing us into the world, we often thank one for our bright smile or our green eyes or our strong chin. I kind of wonder if Sophie Tweed-Simmons ever looks in the mirror and thanks her mother for her awesome breasts.

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No One Is Surprised That Sophie Tweed-Simmons Is Hot Screen shot 2015 09 16 at 11.25.41 am featured

There are some things in this world that don’t surprise me. Meryl Strep will be nominate for an Oscar every year, someone will get injured after shouting “Hey everybody, watch this!”, and there will always be someone claiming they found a miracle plant that will make you thin/smarter/better in bed, these things will always be and there nothing surprising about them. So, to find out that Shannon Tweed’s daughter is hot, I’m not surprised one bit.