This Video Takes "Playing Guitar" to a Whole New Level Screen shot 2015 12 17 at 10.29.51 am featured

Some musicians saying that playing their instrument, especially the guitar, is like making love to a beautiful woman. Well, if you’ve wanted to know what that may look like, here’s a little video for you.

Everything A Music Video Needs: An Egg, Religious Symbolism, And Stoya Screen shot 2015 04 27 at 12.46.42 pm featured

While I am one of those people who complain that MTV (which stands for Music Television) no longer plays music videos, I should really try to remember that the Internet has taken up that mantle and MTV isn’t needed anymore. Plus, the Internet gives artists a little more freedom with their videos. If you want butts, boobs, simulated sex, and a bunch of religious symbolism then go for it – just like Adanowsky did with his new music video, with a little help from pornstar Stoya.

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"Reign" Star Has Problems Simulating Sex On Series Screen shot 2014 05 22 at 1.32.18 pm featured

Rebecca Rosenberg from The Wrap recently sat down with Torrance Coombs, star of the new CW series Reign, to chat about his experience working on the show.