Sex Museums Used to Be Big in Japan Nintchdbpict000313961790 717eb3c7 featured

A “hihokan” or “treasure palaces" used to be big in Japanese cultural, but their time has come and gone (sadly). Now all that remains of most of these sex museum are old, dusty penis statues. Photographer Florian Seidel took his camera inside two of the now abandoned sex museums; the Japanese Sex Museum in Yamaguchi and at the Hokkaido House of Hidden Treasures near Sapporo.

Sex Museums Where Future Entries Of The 'Night At The Museum' Franchise Could Take Place 140707162803 icelandic phallological museum horizontal gallery featured

Museums are hallowed institutions of learning where, on occasion, Ben Stiller gets up to some late night hijinks. A new profile of sex museums around the world by CNN (link below) has got me thinking about what sort of trouble Stiller can get up to in future installments. Let's take a look at the future of the Night at the Museum franchise.

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