The Weekly Mindfuck: Why Do We Think Men Want Sex More Than Women? Tumblr mcyfnn52371rey3ego1 1280 3a414c87 featured

If your gut reaction is "because men make more testosterone," this piece is for you. 

Behind Closed Doors: Oddly Enough, Your Sex Drive Has a Lot to Do With Your Gut Health Guthealth 0e4ab6b3 featured

Finally, a *tangible* benefit behind those probiotics! 

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Marlon Brando: Legendary Crusher of Ass Brando butter featured

In addition to being one of the greatest actors of the 20th Century—and doing more for the North American butter market than Land-o-Lakes—Marlon Brando was also a notorious pussy hound. Seriously, dude crushed more ass in a single year than you or I will in our entire lifetimes combined. The new documentary Listen to Me Marlon is comprised of excerpts from over 200 hours of audio recordings made by the actor, including some in which he compared himself to a beast in terms of sexual voraciousness.