Selena Gomez Uses Her Sexiness to Sell... Something 61980716 selena adds 9 c66368fe featured

Look, I gotta be honest here, if you offered me $10 million billion dollars to tell you what Selena Gomez is trying to sell us in this pic, I'd still be broke as a joke. I have zero ideas as to what Selena Gomez and her incredibly sexy body want us to pay our hard earned money for. All I know is I love it and I'll take five of each.


Who Are You And Why Do You Get To Grab Selena Gomez's Boobs? Selena gomez boob grab sexy jan 6432fa0d featured

I'm doing my best not be the jealous type, but who the hell is this person and why do they get to grab Selena Gomez's breasts? I'm not trying to say that aren't deserving, but I feel like it someone on this planet is lucky enough to touch the boobs of Selena Gomez they should be well vetted.

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Blonde Selena Gomez Is Just Plain Sexy Selena gomez women year cf118a3a featured

I don't know if this just a phase or maybe Selena Gomez is going to stay blonde from now on, but damn it, it's really sexy. There is no way around this one, a blonde Selena Gomez just might be the hottest Selena Gomez of them all. I know that's saying a lot, but are you seeing what I'm seeing?


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Of Course Selena Gomez Is the Woman of the Year Selena gomez  billboard woman of the year 2017 05 ee0d14c2 featured

Look, no one cares if it's for a magazine, a television show or something else. You could be giving Selena Gomez the Woman of the Year award in a hundred different fields. She's awesomely sexy and if someone wants to give her an award for all her sexiness throughout the year, no one is going to argue.

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Damn, Selena Gomez. Damn. Selena gomez photoshoot 01 35bb92ec featured

Yes, my friends, here we are again. That old, familiar place. That warm and happy place. That strange and super sexy place where there are no jokes, no puns, no witty banter. Things are just too sexy, too hot, and... damn. All we can do is sit back and stare at the hotness that is Selena Gomez. Damn, Selena Gomez. Damn.


Here's Your Daily Dose of Selena Gomez Selena gomez instyle magazine 2017 05 781ab998 featured

We all have a thing that we need every single day. Whether it's our morning cup of coffee, a couple sticks of gum to chew throughout the day, or a nice nightcap to unwind, there's that one thing we can't go without. For me, it's seeing Selena Gomez being sexy. If I don't get my daily dose of Selena Gomez, then I am one Grumpy Gus.


Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in July Pressly poison ivy 3 745584 infobox 2a2928db featured

If you happen to be someone born in July, no doubt you are great at organization - you might even consider yourself a bit of a perfectionist, and I bet people say that you're pretty charming and rather loving. But did you know that you're also born in the same month as some of the hottest celebrities? Don't worry, we've organized them into a new list for you: the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in July.